The Impact of Refugee camps on Host communities, a case of Nyarugusu village

Chacha, Enock M. (2020) The Impact of Refugee camps on Host communities, a case of Nyarugusu village. Masters thesis, The Open University of Tanzania.

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The presence of refugees tends to change the lives of the local population in hosting communities. This study was carried out to determine the impacts of refugee camps on host community. It was geared specifically to determine both positive and negative impacts of refugee camps to local people in Nyarugusu Village after refugees’ influx. The study was conducted in Nyarugusu Village where Nyarugusu refugee camp is located. Data was collected from individuals in the host area. Other respondents included village executive officers and ten cell leaders. Secondary data that was used were materials from government reports, research reports, books and journals from University of Dar es Salaam library. The study revealed that opportunities available in the host communities changed in both positive and negative ways in agriculture, environment, market economy, and infrastructure and in the context of social services. On the positive side, refugees were sources of cheap agricultural labour for villagers in the study area; refugee labour was attractive to local farmers because it was cheap and readily available hence increased production of food crops, better health services due to establishment of better equipped refugee hospitals that offer a free service to Tanzanians. Despite the benefits of refugee labour, many villagers blamed refugees as source of theft, particularly of food crops, internal peace and security has been affected by increase in serious criminal activities, and conflicts. On environmental perspective, refugees affected environment due to firewood and charcoal uses. The study findings can be used by a wide range of stakeholders and the government of Tanzania to create refugees’ policies. Keywords: Refugee, Refugee Camps, Host community, Nyarugusu village.

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