The Influence of Free-Range Grazing on Soil Degradation.

Mwinuka, Rainery A. (2021) The Influence of Free-Range Grazing on Soil Degradation. Masters thesis, The Open University of Tanzania.

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Human life and developmental activities are interconnected with the availability and quality of natural resources attached to soil. This study assessed the ‘Influence of Free-Range Grazing on Soil Degradation in Ludewa District in Tanzania. The research is qualitative in nature and applied interview, observation technique and literature review to acquire data. The researcher collected data from thirty-two (32) respondents who were purposefully sampled to participate. This study collected different information about causes, forms and impacts of soil degradation, knowledge, attitudes and responsibilities of local people towards soil conservation. The study found that, free grazing has diverse implications towards soil conservation in Tanzania. The activity affects ecological balance that is necessary for survival of living things. Shortage of water and food cause death to living organisms; thus, disturbing an interdependence among living things and food chain. It was also noted that, soil erosion, loss of soil fertility, soil pollution, loss of biodiversity, air and water pollution are the impacts resulted from free grazing. Free grazing is responsible for land deformation in forms of furrows, gullies, water channels and trenches. Sustainability of soil quality depends on community involvement in conservation and behavioural change towards soil conservation. Thus, the researcher adopted three theories to guide this study; Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA), the Property Rights Theory (PRT) and the Responsible Environmental Behaviour (ERB). Adopted theories focus on community empowerment towards conservation of natural resources. Therefore, different projects to support local community with alternative economic activities like beekeeping and agroforestry should be introduced to reduce human intervention within Livingstone Mountain Ranges in Ludewa District. Keywords: Soil Degradation, Free - Range Grazing, Soil Quality and Conservation, Biodiversity and Environmental Education

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