Corporal Punishment in Zanzibar Primary Schools. ACase of Kisiwandui Primary School, Zanzibar

Ali, Ali Chai (2015) Corporal Punishment in Zanzibar Primary Schools. ACase of Kisiwandui Primary School, Zanzibar. Masters thesis, The Open University Of Tanzania.

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The main focus of this dissertation was to investigate types of CP exercised in primary schools, their effects and alternative methods to be used.The study used 105 respondents who included students, parents, teachers and Ministry of Education officials. Data was collected through interview schedules, questionnaires and documentary reviews. Data collected were subjected to calculation of frequencies and percentages and also to content analysis.The findings of the study indicated that different types of CP were used in schools. Such punishments were like canning, hand up, foot whipping, spanking, belting, touching and pulling the ears, working in the school garden and cleaning the school compound.The findings showed that fear, damage of body parts, unhappiness, development of destructive behaviors, and breaking of teacher-child relationship were the negative effects of CP. Positive effects such as changing behaviors, hardworking, development of good morals and proper utilization of time were also revealed.The findings also revealed alternatives to CP. These were guidance and counseling, involve parents in school activities, create conducive learning environment, provision of extra-curricular activities, train teachers in alternative methods and set clear and consistent rules.On the basis of the findings and conclusions, it is recommended that workshops and meeting be organized to capacitate teachers on alternative methods and management of discipline. It was also recommended that CP to be administered by specific disciplined and trained teachers. With regard to further research, it was recommended among other things that a study be conducted to find out how students reactions toward CP affects students performance.

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