The Concept of man in the framework of the Bantu Ontology: The Chagga case

Mwacha, Eurementyney Aloyce (2013) The Concept of man in the framework of the Bantu Ontology: The Chagga case. Masters thesis, The Open University of Tanzania.

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This thesis investigated the problem of the concept of man in the frame-work of the Bantu Ontology. The case study for this thesis was the Chagga who are the Bantu group situated in north eastern Tanzania surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro. Drawing the sample of the study from three Wards of Okaoni, Kibosho Mashariki and Kibosho Magharibi of Moshi District Council the study employs ethno-philosophical approach focussed on the gathering qualitative data some of which are presented in tables and charts, while most of the stuff derived from both group and personal interviews are presented thematically and in a discourse form. The major instruments of data collection were the interview schedules. In addition to the empirical findings, the secondary data collected in the style of literature review are presented in Chapter 3 and 4. The findings of this thesis reveal that philosophy of the Bantu is the custody of the society rather than individual’s intellectual property. Man is conceived as an eternal rational being validated by the right relationships to the ontological network of the Supreme Being (SB), Lively Living (LL), the Living Dead (LD), non-living existents and the nature. For the first time the Bantu Moral Pendulum, Bantu Panorama of the Soul (BOPS) and Bantu Flow of Life Energy (BOFE) emerge within the Bantu Philosophy. At last the researcher recommends the areas of the further research with aims to extend this study.

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