The effects of Corporal Punishment on Discipline among Students in Arusha Secondary Schools

Invocavity, Josephine (2014) The effects of Corporal Punishment on Discipline among Students in Arusha Secondary Schools. Masters thesis, The Open University of Tanzania.

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Corporal and Non Corporal Punishments are used in schools as a major means of controlling students’ discipline. Although the government has made clear policy Regulation Act Number 24 of 2002 that state how punishments should be administered to students as corporal punishments should not exceeding four strokes and should be administered by the head of school or any other teacher authorizes by the head of school in writing, and the punishment to be recorded in a book but teachers beat students without following the regulation. This study intended to find the effects of corporal punishment on discipline among students in Arusha Secondary schools. Clustered sampling technique was applied to identify the sample size for the study. Data collection was done in respect of the study specific objectives through data collection methods which include questionnaires and interviews. The study findings indicated that corporal punishment can be administered to students with care in its administration and management. The findings suggest that, teachers should provide non corporal punishment responses that can be productive to students after completing their studies. Students are advised to follow school rules in order to avoid the punishments. It has being recommended that teachers should get training on how they can manage students’ disciplinary problems in schools. Schools should create conducive environment in schools by organizing activities such as football matches and occasional trips for students. This will help students to use their time wisely for betterment of their academic endeavors and physical growth. Disciplinary committees should be given powers and authority in schools, and their decision should be taken into consideration when used carefully as tool in controlling the discipline of the students.

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