The Impact of Population Growth on Water Resources Availability in Western District, Zanzibar

Ayoub, Salma Yahya (2019) The Impact of Population Growth on Water Resources Availability in Western District, Zanzibar. Masters thesis, The Open University of Tanzania.

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This study focuses on the impact of population growth on water resources availability in Western District, Zanzibar. It aimed to determine changes in domestic water resources from 1995 to 2015, examine the effects of population growth on domestic water resources and assess the effects of population growth on domestic water infrastructure. A field survey was conducted in three Shehias namely Chukwani, Kiembesamaki and Tomondo to collect data. Further, key informants were contacted to gather qualitative data. IBM-SPSS statistical analysis was used to analyze numerical data while content analysis was used to analyze qualitative data. The finding revealed that in Western District 78.8% of the households face domestic water scarcity because of rapid increase of population. Also, 79.3% of household's composition and age structure contribute on increasing demand for water. While 51.6% claimed that construction of new roads and expansion of the existing ones destroy water infrastructure, 51.3% viewed the destruction of water infrastructure being a result of ignorance of the community. The study findings showed that a water supply bill is needed for repairmen and maintenance of water resource infrastructure to cope with increased population. The study concluded that rapid population growth in Western District leads to the scarcity of domestic water. Finally, the study suggested the provision of education, involvement of local people in order to increase awareness on freshwater management at household level, capacity building and implementation of laws to improve water resources management in the study area. Furthermore, the study recommended further research to be undertaken for assessment of the impact of climate change on water resources.

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