Land Degradation and its Impacts on Cultural Tourism Among the Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania: A Case of the Hadzabe

Moshi, Henry Sweddy and Makundi, Asantiel and Reguly, Baltazar Mushy (2019) Land Degradation and its Impacts on Cultural Tourism Among the Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania: A Case of the Hadzabe. International Conference on the Future of Tourism (ICFT). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2507-7872

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Abstract Land is the most important natural resource among the indigenous peoples in the world. Land provides them most of their requirements in terms of wild game, honey, roots and tubers for their livelihoods. This paper aims at determining the causes of land shrinkage and degradation and its impacts on cultural tourism among the Hadza community in northern Tanzania. Both probability and non probability sampling techniques were used to select the appropriate sample. Primary data was collected through self administered questionnaire, interview and focus group discussions while secondary data was obtained from various reports collected from official document, records at Local Government offices. Satellite imagery analysis was done to establish Hadzabe land cover change over time by using Arc View. The study results revealed that the major problem faced by the Hadza people was the decrease of the land that they originally occupied as more land was taken for large scale farming, pastoralists, settlements and conservation activities which collectively took hunter- gatherers areas leading to degradation and shrinkage. Consequently the Hadza people are compelled to change their indigenous livelihood systems, which adversely impacts cultural tourism activities. It is concluded that the Hadza society deserve to live as free citizen in a free country, exercising and perpetuating their cultural values and traditions with minimum interference, which is a basis for cultural tourism activities. The study recommend that implementation of land management training, structure and support to provide ability to preserve own land and culture whole empowering Hadzabe of Mang'ola and Olpiro/Endulen to mitigate conflicts on land encroachment legally and more peacefully. Keywords: Land degradation, Indigenous People, Hadza/Hadzabe Cultural Tourism

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