Determinants of Quality Education Provision in Community Secondary Schools (CSSs) in Temeke MunicipalCouncil

Ngaruko, Chitegetse Dominick Peter (2018) Determinants of Quality Education Provision in Community Secondary Schools (CSSs) in Temeke MunicipalCouncil. Masters thesis, The Open University of Tanzania.

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The study assessed the exent to which a combination of school based and environmental factors affect provision of quality education in Community Secondary Schoolsin Temeke Municipal. The study employed qualitative research approach and utilized interviews, non-participant observation, documentary review and focused group discussion as methods of data collection. Participants in the study were purposively selected. It was further revealed that although the teachers were academically well qualified, experienced and dedicated to helping students’ learn their work performance was greatly affected by lack of incentives and students’ truancy, parents’ insufficient close follow-up, cultural practices as well as the students’ themselves lack of interest in education. The study concluded that the quality of education in Temeke Municipality is affected by a number of interrelated factors which have to be looked upon holistically. These factors range from the students themselves, teachers, school facilities and socio-cultural practices which affect effective provision of quality education. It would appear that the government’s intention to establish CSSs as a strategy of providing more secondary education opportunities has not gone concurrently with the necessary cooperation from the teachers, students themselves, parents and communities at large to ensure provision of quality education is realised. While the government is urged to strategise on how to increase the number of mathematics and science teachers, the study also recommends that Temeke Municipality should continue to sensitize parents on the value of education for their children. Another recommendation is for a follow-up study which will be quantitative in nature involving a large geographical coverage beyond four schools and a large sample to generalize findings.

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