The problems of Integrating English Language Teaching Strategies and the Learning Processes in Tanzanian Secondary School Classroom

Komunte, Bibiana Shauri (1995) The problems of Integrating English Language Teaching Strategies and the Learning Processes in Tanzanian Secondary School Classroom. Masters thesis, The University of Dar es Salaam.

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The study investigated the language teaching strategies used by English Language teachers and how the strategies integrated with the students' learning processes for improvement of teaching and learning of English Language. The language teaching strategies referred to included teacher-centred strategies and student-centred strategies. Four specificc objectives guided this study namely: to identify and establish the language teaching strategies; to identify factors which determined choice of teaching strategies; to identify relationships to language learning processes and to identify constraints inherent in the English Language classrooms. Four streams of Form Three classes from two schools in Morogoro Urban and Rural districts were investigated. The sample comprised of 158 respondents including 140 students and 18 English Language teachers. A case study approach was used. The data were collected through documentary reviews, Questionnaires, observation and interviews.Qualitative method of data analysis was employed. It was found that 61.1 % of English Language teachers relied on student-centred language teaching strategies like pair/group/class discussions reading texts silently and loudly in the classroom. Student centred language teaching strategies were more frequent than teacher-centred language teaching strategies when teaching reading and speaking skills. The major factors determining the choice of language teaching strategies included availability of teaching/learning facilities, students' linguistic background and teachers' training in English language methodology. There was little relationship (10.0%) between the language teaching strategies used by teachers and the students' learning processes observed in the classroorn. Students' lack of motivation and interest created one of major constraints while the other major constraint was teachers' perception of the students' English ability which made the teachers concentrate on few able students in the classroom. Some of the recommendations from the study included that English language teachers should use both student-centred and teacher-centred strategies which should involve all the students; that English language teachers should be trained on how to integrate language teaching strategies and learning processes in the classroom; that the government should make a closer follow-up of the teaching/learning of English language so as to minimise constraints.

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