Private Tutoring and Distance Learning Process at the Open University of Tanzania

Kabage, Joseph (2015) Private Tutoring and Distance Learning Process at the Open University of Tanzania. Masters thesis, The Open University Of Tanzania.

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For any ODL system, tutoring is an important student support service. This study aimed at assessing private tutoring and how it relates to the process of learning at the Open University of Tanzania. The specific objectives of the study were to explore learners’ perception of private tutoring, to examine the quality of private tutoring and to explore the financial transaction of the private tutoring. The study was conducted in the regions of Dar es Salaam and Katavi. Data were collected through qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The data collection techniques used in the study included interviews, questionnaires, observation and documentary review. Population of this study was students of the Open University of Tanzania (who attended private tutoring and who did not) and private tutors. The sample size was 150 students, and 6 purposely selected private tutors. The study revealed that about 47% of students received private tutoring. It was also revealed that students attended private tutoring because they wanted to pass their examinations and receive certificates. The study also showed that high cost was the major factor which hindered many students to participate in PT and that PT was rampant among students. Hence, the study recommends an establishment of ODL policy in PT to guide practice in provision of private tutoring in ODL context; that among other issues, will ensure quality of tutorials. The study also recommends an establishment of a link between all PT centres and OUT. More over the study recommends an establishment of executive programmes and evening programmes so as to accommodate students who are in needs of PT.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: 300 Social Sciences > 370 Education
Divisions: Faculty of Education > Department of Educational foundations
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Date Deposited: 13 Jul 2016 10:16
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