Entrepreneurship Training Programmes to Recidivists and their Reintegration into the Community

Uswege Asobenie Mwakahesya, Uswege Asobenie (2019) Entrepreneurship Training Programmes to Recidivists and their Reintegration into the Community. Masters thesis, The Open University of Tanzania.

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The purpose of the study was to explore the use of Entrepreneurship training programmes to recidivists and their reintegration into the community. Different rehabilitation programmes have been introduced by Tanzania Prison Services since independence but the rate of recidivism has remained high. Failure to implement effective rehabilitation programmes has led to an increase in the rate of re offending and stigma on the part of ex-prisoners. The study was supported by the labelling theory of crime, which was the fundamental theory together with the human capital and the psychological theory. Pragmatism research philosophy was employed along with a cross-sectional and explanatory research designs. Multiple regression analysis and thematic analysis were used in the study. Findings revealed that structural and public stigma hindered successful re-integration into the community. The findings also indicated that the informal prison rehabilitation programmes were not able to reduce the re-offending behavior of recidivists. The study recommends public awareness to be made to the community on the existence of rehabilitation programmes, which can transform inmates into resourceful and loyal citizens in the community. The sensitization should be to the community, prison officers, prison management, policy makers and potential employers. The success of sensitization will help to address the problem of stigma and put emphasis on the role of entrepreneurial skills on rehabilitation all of which have policy implications. The study recommends future research to be done using a different methodology applied on the same sample to see if similar results will be obtained. Also the same study can be conducted by using a sample of regions with a low rate of recidivism to justify results.

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