HURIA:Journal of the Open University of Tanzania

HURIA JOURNAL, HURIA (1996) HURIA:Journal of the Open University of Tanzania. Huria journal of the Open University of Tanzania, 1 (1). Q-101. ISSN 0856 -6739

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EDITORIAL HURIA is the first journal of the Open University of Tanzania and this first issue appears about three years since the founding of the University. HURIA is an interdisciplinary journal which is intended to be a forum for exchange of views and ideas between academicians and scholars in various fields-but particularly in distance education. The launching of HURIA is very much in line with the objects and functions of the University which are amplified in the following extracts "(i) to preserve, enhance and transmit knowledge by teaching and conducting research through various means of communication including the use of broadcasting and technological devices appropriate to higher education, by correspondence, tuition, residential courses and seminars". "(ii) to promote the educational well being of the community generally through distance education methods". It is therefore the hope of the.Editorial Board that HURIA will fulfill this role and thus facilitate some intellectual contacts amongst academicians in several African Universities and even beyond the continent's borders particularly in matters concerning distance education.The launching of HURIA has also been catalysed by the fact the Open University of Tanzania is the first single mode distance education university of its kind' south of the Sahara, offering degree courses through distance learning. systems. As we go to press, the University of South Africa (UNISA) is just about to 'launch a similar program in distance learning and in doing so become Huria's (the University)comrade-in-arms in this very important mission: It is also the hope of the Editorial Board.that HURIA will facilitate .intellectual contacts between academicians in these African Universities.Finally, like any other academic journal, Huria is also intended to be a publication forum for research papers. and results on non-distance education matters and one article in this issue is an excellent example of a publication on non-distance education research. Indeed, HURIA should strive to a reputable national/international journal. Prof. A.M. Khamis Chairperson, EDITORIAL BOARD

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