The Effect of Motivation on Labour Turnover: the Case of the President's Office (T), Ethics Secretariat

Pallangyo, Anthony (2010) The Effect of Motivation on Labour Turnover: the Case of the President's Office (T), Ethics Secretariat. Masters thesis, The Open University of Tanzania.

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This study aims to investigate the motivation factors of labor turnover with a focus on the President's Office, Ethics Secretariat. It was observed that, at the Secretariat while some people were employed, others left to seek alternative employment elsewhere. This was due to number of factors including lack of staff motivation plan. Since 2008, no studies were done at Secretariat on the effect of lack of staff motivation on labor turnover. Information needed for this study was meant to determine the factors that cause Labour Turnover at the Ethics Secretariat including the contribution of motivation on Labour Turnover. The ultimate goal of the study was to recommend solutions to this problem. This study used the case study research design. The sampling frame used included respondents from the President's Office, Ethics Secretariat, Public Service Management, and Treasury. Data was also collected from retired employees of the President's Office, Ethics Secretariat. Data was obtained through Questionnaires and interviews from forty nine respondents. Documentary review was also undertaken in order to gather other useful information.The findings showed that, a good working condition was the most important factor contributing to low Labour Turnover. Factors such as lack of monetary incentives have little to do with Labour Turnover. Other factors include Job Satisfaction, Management Style and Leadership style, Professional recognition, Employee expectations and Job position. The current study did not fully explore the impact of Job Satisfaction, Management Style, leadership style, professional recognition, Employee expectations and Job Positions. This work provides practical actions on how an organizational Management can cope with Labour Turnover attributed to by lack of motivation strategies

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