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OUT, Open Univesity of Tanzania (2007) Journal of Issues and Practice in Education. Journal of Issues and Practice in Education, 1 (2). pp. 1-166. ISSN 5327-5321

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EDITORIAL NOTE One of the important aspects of practice in education is academic writing. Educational Institutions like universities, colleges and institutes engage themselves in promoting and supporting this aspect. It is in this spirit that refereed journals like JIPE are established. These journals have among other functions, the function of educating, record keeping, providing the community with something to read, giving the community something to enjoy and making records straight. In this volume, a number of issues relevant to practice in education are raised and discussed. The issue of reforms in education is discussed with reference to Tanzania. Factors influencing reforms, the process of developing and implementing the reforms as well as the role of stakeholders are presented. It is worth noting that reforms are about changes. They come and bring what are thought to be important and necessary changes to the system. Changes on the system also detonate changes in practice. It is in this spirit that an article assessing learning in community secondary schools in Tanzania is included to give the community a challenge to think of the quality of learning in these schools. Innovations in education are a continuous activity and process. As one of the innovations in education, open and distance learning (ODL) is now becoming a common phenomenon. In this volume, an article called An Overview on the History of ODL Practice in Tanzania and Institutional Linkages gives an insight into ODL history, practice and provisions in Tanzania. Our perception of phenomena and our fellow people influence our views and attitudes towards those particular phenomena and people. Our perceptions and attitudes tend to influence and guide our actions and our treatment of those phenomena and people. The issue of community attitudes towards street children is also raised in this volume. Streets have never bared children although there are children labeled “street children.” Since our communities view “street children” as others, different, the cursed, the bad mannered, the obstinate, the crooks, the thugs and the juvenile, the negative attitudes towards these children have developed in the community. The article on Community Attitudes Towards Street Children in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (in this volume) analyses these attitudes. In Educational Institutions, among other important issues, are reporting academic works and health. It is crucial that all academic works (including research) are reported so that they are disseminated and shared. Reporting them needs specific competencies. When applied, these competencies make reports of academic works attractive, encouraging to read and palatable as foods for thought. In this volume the article called Gaining Competencies in Reporting Academic Research Work examines competencies for reporting academic works among researchers and research students. Good health is basic if the teaching/learning process is to be effective. Both teachers and learners are to be in good health if school and classroom interactions are to be meaningful. Of late, the HIV pandemic has been threatening lives in educational institutions. Learners and their instructors are increasingly at risk. Age has been proven not to be a defense against HIV-AIDS. Both youths and adults who adopt the lifestyle characterized by HIV-AIDS risk behaviours are more in danger of being infected. However, HIV-AIDS risk behaviours among primary school age children is a matter of great concern. An article called Intervention Opportunities in HIV-Risk Behaviours among Primary School Pupils analyses HIV-AIDS risk behaviours among primary school children and the intervention opportunities available. One of the factors leading to good health is participation in physical activities like sports. This is because they lead to physical fitness. In this volume, the article called The Relationship Between Perceived Physical Competence and Physical Activity Health Behaviour Among Secondary School Students analyses the relationship between a sound health and participation in physical activities like sports. DR. EDWARD T.T. BAGANDANSHWA CHIEF EDITOR

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