The Motivation and Challenges of Part Time Employment in the Private Secondary Schools: a Case Study of Private Secondary Schools in Dar Es Salaam

Malikawa , Mathias Joseph (2009) The Motivation and Challenges of Part Time Employment in the Private Secondary Schools: a Case Study of Private Secondary Schools in Dar Es Salaam. Masters thesis, The Open University of Tanzania.

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This study examined how part-time employment is perceived as an aspect of organizational change and how it challenges the management of the selected private secondary schools in the region of Dar-es-Salaam. It was necessitated by the need to determine the responses of school organizations to change as schools adopt change at a varied pace. The study draws upon the background to part-time employment in Tanzania and makes use of the transformations in the 1990' s as a source to change. The study draws the experience of theories of investment in human capital as well as related literature. It was found that theories of human capital suggest a necessary strategy of investing in education for skilled human capital. The study sought to add an input to the theory by showing that the human capital theorists should have shown the role of a teacher who makes the process of education (Teaching-learning) a practical one. The study answered three research questions related to challenges of part-time employment as a new phenomenon in the employment industry in Tanzania, the perception of this as an aspect of change and how organizations, schools in particular, have adjusted themselves to adopt or resist. Quantitative approach was utilized for data collection from nine purposely selected schools, 54 randomly selected full-time teachers, 36 purposely selected part-time teachers and purposefully selected heads of schools in the urban location. The qualitative approach was also used to collect data from heads of schools and documentaries.The study found that there were no significant challenges posed by part-time teachers to the management of private schools. However, absence of labour laws was found not to prevent schools from employing teachers on part-time basis. Findings suggested that part-time employment is increasingly becoming famous among various organizations and that the cost effective organizations find it relatively cheaper. On the other hand findings suggested that part time workers may not always be effective so, organizations should use them with care

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